Vishwaroopam-2 audio review: Ghibran has a winner!

Last Updated: Mon, Aug 06, 2018 11:51 hrs

Album Analysis:
Gnyabagam Varugiradha
Singers: Arvind Srinivas, Sarath Santhosh
Lyrics: Vairamuthu

Imagine how tough Ghibran would have felt while recreating the iconic ‘Gnyabagam Varugiradha’ song! The original in many ways acted as a precursor to things that followed and has now reached the status of being THE iconic Kamal Hassan number. Ghibran takes an entirely new approach towards this mass number and has ticked all the right boxes here. The prelude chants set the mood and the tune reaches a crescendo when it hits the ‘Vishwaroopam’ portion. It takes a while but there are plenty of goosebumps moments in this version as well. Easily, the pick of the album!

Naanagiya Nadhimoolame
Singers: Kamal Hassan, Kaushiki Chakraborty, Master Karthik Suresh Iyer
Lyrics: Kamal Hassan
The equivalent of ‘Unnai Kaanadha’ from the predecessor! ‘Naanagiya’ is a little bit convoluted in its structure with the scaling reaching some high keys that may be a little difficult to sing along. But the entire tune has Kamal Hassan’s class written all over it. The ace actor doubles up as a singer and a lyricist too and has delivered a fantastic rendition. The lyrics do speak about the lead character’s equation with his mother as well as with his ladylove. The classical jathi portions enrich the composition and act as interludes. 

Saadhi Madham
Singers: Andrea Jeremiah, Sathyaprakash
Lyrics: Kamal Hassan
‘Saadhi Madham’ plays out breezily with impressive chord progressions. Andrea is pitch perfect here with her rendition and Sathyaprakash plays good second fiddle too. The charanam portions are so easy on the ears with Andrea chipping in with her English lines. The lyrics are so layered in such a way that it could be interpreted as a love song and at the same time, as a preachy inspirational number too. 

Unlike Vishwaroopam which had quite an array of songs, the sequel has very limited songs and looks to have more action. Among the three songs, the iconic title track has been recreated impressively by Ghibran and the remaining two melodies ‘Naanagiya’ & ‘Saadhi Madham’ are signature Kamal Hassan. It needs an ear for good music to truly appreciate this album and indeed it is a good one!

Picks from the album: Gnyabagam Varugiradha, Saadhi Madham, Naanagiya
Album Rating: 4/5
Album Verdict: Very Good!