Bigg Boss Tamil: Will Kamal Haasan be the Equaliser?

Last Updated: Wed, Aug 01, 2018 19:41 hrs
Bigg Boss

We were happy with last weekend’s episode. Kamal Haasan, finally, addressed a key issue - Ponnambalam’s definition of Tamil Culture and the line women must toe. He called out Ponnambalam’s ‘hypocrisy’ - the U-turn he makes from being nonchalant, vulgar and misogynistic contestant to wronged and vociferous upholder of Tamil culture. This is something former contestant Ramya and others in the house have been constantly pointing out. But it took three weeks to be handled. Better late than never.

The previous weeks were about addressing the error of Aishwarya and Yashika’s ways. Some we agreed with. Some we didn’t. Especially when it came to clothes. Host Kamal Haasan rightly pointed out that it’s all in the eyes of the beholder. And Kamal knocked an unconvinced Ponnambalam into place by stating that when he was a kid, women in his village never wore blouses but they were all good women. We along with Yashika, Aishwarya and all women who have been vilified for the way they dress, rejoiced. This is a victory. Albeit a minor one. Real relief and victory would come when we step out of the house without playing the many dangerous scenarios that our clothes could lead to. But for now, it’s been stated yet again. This time by an aspiring politician and respected actor on a platform that reaches out to all of Tamil Nadu.

And if Ponnambalam was to try this act ever again on the show, he would do well to remember the kurumpadam that poked holes in his theory of respect and culture. He was shown that it’s hard to earn respect when you deign to show little or feign to show some.

If we thought that would be the end of Kamal’s need to address pressing issues, boy, are we in for a helluva weekend episode! The current task - Rule of Dictator Aishwarya - went awry from the get-go. She dumped garbage on a fellow contestant and a senior artist. Did she just burn her bridges with host Kamal, the audience and the Tamil film industry? We’ll find out the verdict of the first two this weekend. And as for her career in movies, we still feel she has a shot. The industry has forgiven a lot of people for a lot of transgressions. Also the memory of the audience will be wiped clean with the next news cycle. Unless of course, Aishwarya persists in gundaraj.

Will she be taken to task this weekend? Willl Danny and Janani be schooled for their lukewarm attempt at preventing this issue from snowballing? Will Kamal also address Yashika’s hand in it? After all, she was the one who told Aishwarya to give moonu madangu punishment.

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